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Way to give, Georgia! Our 2016 campaign raised a record $3.9 million and the giving continues. Click to see our prize winners.


Our next Georgia Gives Day is November 16, 2017. Click here to register your nonprofit. 

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Nonprofit Frequently Asked Questions


1. How do I get a profile page for my nonprofit organization on the site?
Please click here to learn more about registering for GA Gives Day 2016.
Please click here to learn more about setting up your profile.

2. I've submitted my nonprofit's registration form, what happens next?

1. Application Sent: Your application has been forwarded to Click & Pledge and merchant bank TransFirst for review.
2.  Sign Agreement : TransFirst will contact you (Monday - Friday) for any additional information and then send the Merchant Account Agreement to be executed via eSignature.
If you do not receive an email from TransFirst in 24 hours, please check your SPAM folder. If no email is received, contact Click & Pledge here.
3. Two to Three Business Days: Once the Merchant Account Agreement has been signed, please allow two to three business days for the merchant account to be approved.
4. Click & Pledge Account Activation: Click & Pledge will send a "Welcome" email notifying you that your Click & Pledge account is ready to use with instructions on getting started.
5. GA Gives Profile Activation: Your nonprofit's profile page will be uploaded on the Georgia Gives Day website You will receive notification and instructions on how to customize your profile page including uploading a video, sharing your organizations mission and highlighting the areas of need.

3. My application for GA Gives is pending. I need to sign the merchant agreement but haven't heard from Transfirst. Who do I contact?
Please submit a support ticket to Click & Pledge here.

4. When does GA Gives Day begin and end?
GA Gives Day 2016 will take place on Thursday, November 17, 2016. However, GA Gives is a fundraising platform open for donations all year round so you may continue to fundraise before and after the official 24 hour GA Gives Day.

5. How much does it cost for a nonprofit to participate?

Nothing.  There is no set-up fee to participate. Nonprofits enroll through a simple online registration form and receive an individual merchant account for donations to be directly deposited into the nonprofit's bank account.

Visa, MasterCard, & Discover:  
A low credit/debit card transaction fee of 3% + $0.35 per transaction for MasterCard/VISA/Discover/American Express/eChecks will apply to donations. That is it, no additional charges.
American Express:
American Express may be processed directly through American Express. Transactions will be deposited directly by American Express, less the contracted American Express Discount Rate and fees. Click and Pledge will assess 2% in addition to the American Express contracted fees. Click & Pledge fees will be collected monthly, in arrears, by the processor according to the merchant services agreement. This clause applies to American Express ONLY.
A flat rate of 1.85%

6. What makes an organization eligible to participate in Georgia Gives?
Any state registered, Georgia based 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization is eligible to participate.

7. How do I know if my nonprofit is a 501(c)(3) organization?
You can check 501(c)3 status on the NCCS Database.

8. How do I know if my nonprofit is registered with the Georgia Secretary of State?
You can search the Georgia Secretary of State’s website to determine your state registration status. You can register a nonprofit corporation by filing Articles of Incorporation with the Georgia Secretary of State.

9. Is donating through GA Gives safe for my nonprofit and our donors?
The GA Gives donation platform partner, Click & Pledge, offers a PCI, Level 1 controlled security environment that allows us to pass secure information, like a bank routing number, on to the merchant bank partner, TransFirst. 

For more details on Click & Pledge Security, click here.

10. What information does TransFirst need to set up my merchant bank account?
Transfirst will require banking information including a voided check to set up the merchant bank account so that the donations can be deposited directly into your organization's bank account. The U.S. Patriot Act, passed in 2001, requires financial institutions to collect certain personal information from individuals and organizations opening a new account. This includes:

1. Name
2. Date of birth
3. Address
4. Identification number – a taxpayer identification number for American citizens or a government-issued document for noncitizens.
Also, the financial institution will keep this information on file in order to verify the person’s identity should any questions arise in the future. 

11. What is a personal fundraising page and how does it work?
Please click here for more information about personal fundraising pages.

Profile, Account & Campaign FAQs

1. How do I set up my nonprofit’s profile page?
Login by clicking the login button in the top right corner. Then click "Setting" to edit your profile. Visit the Nonprofit Profile Guide for more detailed instructions. 

2. I forgot my password. How do I reset my password? 
Click "Reset Password" at the login page. You will then enter in the same email address that was used in the application, and the new password will be sent to that email address.

3. I have set up my profile but don’t see it on the site. Did I do something wrong?
The reason you do not see your organization appearing in search results may be because the keywords and tags have not been set up accurately. You can enter in common search words in the "Keywords and Tags" tab to help people find you by name, cause, zip code, or other search terms related your organization. Check that each keyword is separated by a semicolon to make sure that your profile is pulled up correctly with the search engine. See more details and examples in the Nonprofit Profile Guide (Fig. 8) 

4. My organization uses a DBA name and my profile is displaying a name not recognized by our donors. Can I edit this?
Yes, this will require you to change the registration information. You can edit this by logging in to the Click & Pledge Portal at Log in using the same email username and password that you use to log in to your GA Gives profile. Then click “Account Info” in the top right corner. You can edit your organization information including the name visible on your Georgia Gives profile page and any contact details. 

5. Can I edit or add contact information to the profile?
Yes, you can. Please see instructions above on how to make these edits. You can also add a login user to your profile. Go here for further instructions.

6. Can I customize the receipts that my donors receive?
Yes. Go to the Nonprofit Profile Guide and see figure 13 to learn how to customize receipts.

7. How do I reflect matching funds or cash donations given to the organization on GA Gives Day?
Please contact Georgia Gives Day for further instructions on how to manually upload these funds to your profile page. Email:

8. Can I add AMEX to my accepted credit cards on my Georgia Gives profile page as a credit card option?
Yes. As of Friday, November 1, 2013 all accounts include American Express as a payment processing option. If for some reason American Express is not showing as an option, submit Click & Pledge a support ticket here.

9. What are the processing rates for qualified credit cards versus non-qualified i.e. rewards credit cards?
Qualified: Most transactions fall into this category.  When a transaction is processed in accordance with the rules and standards established in the Payment Processing Agreement, signed by the merchant and the processing bank, and it involves a regular consumer credit card. The 2.85% is the lowest of the rates charged and applies to normal credit/debit cards with no affiliation to business or government.  For example, a Visa card issued from a bank like Wells Fargo with no award points or cash-back.
Non-Qualified: All corporate, government, and reward cards are charged this rate.  When a special kind of credit card is used (like a rewards card or a business card), or a payment is not processed in accordance with the rules established in the Payment Processing Agreement, or it does not comply with some applicable security requirements, this rate is 3.85%-the qualified rate of 2.85% plus 1% add on for non-qual status.  For example, the 1% add-on applies to award cards like Delta Air Miles, Marriott Hotel Awards cards, etc.  

10. Does anyone else have access to my donor information?
No. Each organization only has access to it’s own donor information.  No information can be shared or given unless done so by the organization.  More information can be found at:
11. When a donation is made to my organization, when does it hit our bank account? And when do the fees get deducted?
TransFirst is an online banking system. TransFirst will deduct the funds from the card holders account and deposit to the organization bank accounts. TransFirst will not hold the organization’s funds for any amount of time. Funds are deposited 48 business hours after the transaction.

TransFirst will deposit the full dollar amount of the transaction and reach out to the bank account on the following month to deduct their fees. TransFirst will send out a statement to the organization around the 1st of each month. This statement (which is a month delayed statement) will show to the organization the amount that TransFirst will deduct (for credit card processing fees) on the 10th of each month. TransFirst cannot deduct their fees from the deposits to the organization’s bank account. At the time of the application the organizations will send a copy of the voided check to TransFirst so they can ensure they have accurate deposit.

12. What happens if a donor chooses to make a donation anonymously?
If a donor chooses to make a donation anonymously, the donor's name will not be published on the website. The nonprofit who receives the donation will still have access to donor contact and donation information.

13. Where do I get my donor information from and how do I run a report?
You can run a donor report by visiting the Click & Pledge portal. Please see this article.
A video tutorial can be viewed here.

14. How do I login to the Click and Pledge Portal?
Please see this article on how to login to the Click and Pledge Portal

15. How do I credit a transaction?
Click & Pledge customers can credit a transaction by logging into their Click and Pledge administrative portal. Please see this article

16. How can I safely accept multiple transactions from the same computer?
For security purposes, your computer may begin to decline transactions that are made through the same computer using multiple credit cards. To fix this, you'll need to Whitelist your computer. Click Here for instructions on how to do this.

17. How do I issue a refund?
If you need to issue a refund to a donor, you'll do that through your admin page. 
Click Here for instructions.

18. How do I resend a receipt?
Each donation through should generate a receipt that is automatically emailed to the donor. If a donor does not receive a receipt for their donation, you can send it to them again. The most common reason for them not receiving a receipt is that they entered an incorrect email address, so make sure you confirm their correct email address before you re-send it.
Click Here for instructions. 

19. In our campaign promotions, can we offer prizes and incentives to potential donors?
Georgia Gives Day discourages prizes beyond a token exception, as the spirit of the day is focused on philanthropy (the IRS token exception amount for 2016 is $10.50.) However if your organization does offer incentives, prizes or drawing entries we recommend that you speak with your financial council/auditors to ensure you are in compliance with IRS regulations. An IRS publication discussing charitable contributions can be found here.  Additionally, be sure to edit the automatic receipt generated via to reflect the value of the donation (minus gifts or services received.)