Come Together

Way to give, Georgia! Our 2016 campaign raised a record $3.9 million and the giving continues. Click to see our prize winners.


Our next Georgia Gives Day is November 16, 2017. Click here to register your nonprofit. 

Together we've raised


since 2012

Corporate Support 

Your business can join largest concerted effort  to connect the public with the causes and nonprofits that provide critical services to our state by supporting Georgia Gives Day!

Take pride as a business by coming together, building camaraderie within your organization, and know that you are bettering and helping to build the state in which you live and work. We need YOUR help by spreading the word out about Georgia Gives Day.

How can your business be a part of it?

1. Activate and inform your employees:

- Encourage them to give to their favorite charity participating in Georgia Gives Day via company newsletters or staff meetings
Provide employee gift matching opportunities
Place the Georgia Gives Day logo and link on your company’s website or employee intranet

2. Activate and inform your customers by distributing information via customer communications including billing statements, promotional pieces, social media, and your company website to promote Georgia Gives Day

3. Encourage your nonprofit partners to participate by informing them of the opportunity and asking them to enroll in Georgia Gives Day. They can register here. 
4. Provide financial support through incentive funds to further the impact of public or operation support.  In addition, the Georgia Center for Nonprofits is seeking a nominal amount of support for programmatic management, capacity extension, and successful execution of Georgia Gives Day. Contact our development team at to learn about these opportunities.

5. Distribute information and promotional communications via customer materials like billing statements, promotional pieces, and press

6. Engage with Georgia Gives Day on social media platforms including Facebook and Twitter

How will your business be recognized?

Based on your company’s involvement, you would receive any/all of the following:

Visibility and recognition on Georgia Gives Day marketing materials, social media and print promotions
- Prominent display of organization’s logo on the Georgia Gives Day website (including a link to your company’s website)
- Leveraging Georgia Gives on your own website, campaigns, retail, and other communications vehicles to showcase public support
- Recognition on Georgia Gives Day marketing materials and web and print promotions across the state