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Way to give, Georgia! Our 2016 campaign raised a record $3.9 million and the giving continues. Click to see our prize winners.


Our next Georgia Gives Day is November 16, 2017. Click here to register your nonprofit. 

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Why Georgia Gives Day?

Whether you know it or not, you live your life in nonprofits. From the hospitals where we are born, to the day care centers, schools and colleges that educate us. From the clubs, sports leagues and cultural institutions that entertain us, to the religious institutions we worship in. From the invisible impact of groups working on literacy, hunger, blight, disease, disability and job development, to programs that train our doctors and police and rally volunteer firefighters, to groups that fight for our voice and for justice. From the preservation of our green spaces and great places, to parks and paths, farmers markets and pet adoption, hospice providers and historic cemeteries.

Now, we are creating an opportunity for everyone, in every corner of the state, to support the causes that make Georgia great. Many of us give to and volunteer for causes. Yet there are many of us who aren't directly asked to give or to volunteer. Many of us want to give but aren't sure what nonprofit to support or don’t know what their donation might do to make a difference.

Georgia Gives Day is an initiative that has been co-created by the nonprofit sector itself. It doesn’t support one cause or one locale – it’s all of us in the state’s nonprofit sector pulling together to ask you to stop and consider your life and your community without nonprofits. How much less connected, less vibrant, less interesting and less supported would our communities be without them? 

So, we are asking all Georgians, on November 17th, to give a little and share a little so that, together, we can do a lot for the causes that we all care about. Whether you have $10 or $10,000 to give, it all adds up to greater impact on the issues that support and enrich our lives and make our local communities thrive.


About the Georgia Center for Nonprofits (GCN)

Georgia Gives Day is a collaboration of Georgia Center for Nonprofits (GCN) in partnership with participating nonprofits, state agencies, corporations and businesses, associations, foundations, and public relations and advertising firms.

GCN’s vision is to build the country’s highest performing state-focused resource center, and to position Georgia as a national model for nonprofit excellence and achievement. GCN is on a journey inspired by our belief that nonprofits are essential components of a healthy democracy and thriving communities, and by our conviction that strong nonprofits working together can achieve anything they desire. 
For over 20 years, GCN has served as a cornerstone of support for the Georgia nonprofit and philanthropic community by delivering a wide range of services and support. Our members span the nonprofit world in scale and scope—from international organizations to corporate philanthropies, foundations, and community initiatives. Together, we magnify our impact in powerful ways—supporting each other in our shared vision to improve the quality of life in our community and our state.

We are a community of over 1,200 organizations and 5,000 individuals dedicated to making a difference in our communities and our world. We deliver the critical tools, resources, services, and expertise to boost performance and maximize impact. We are the strongest advocate speaking up for Georgia nonprofits. We are a leading consultancy sharing expertise with hundreds of foundations, corporate philanthropies, and nonprofits every year. We rank among the top state associations in the country.


About Click & Pledge

Click & Pledge provides the technology platform from which Georgia Gives Day is launched and managed. Learn more about their nonprofit software and payment processing tools here.

Contact Click & Pledge here.

Media Advisory Committee

Patty Tucker | Deputy General Manager - Edelman
Sara Dever | Senior Account Executive - Edelman
Andrew Moon | Senior Account Executive - Edelman
Tyrene Hodge | Project Manager, Corporate Responsibility - Cox Enterprises
Patrick Scullin | Adman, Wordsmitty, Ames, Scullin O'Hare, Inc.
Burt Holland | Creative Partner - Encyclomedia
Bob Houghton | President – Georgia Association of Broadcasters


Nonprofit Leadership Taskforce

Here are the nonprofits who helped the Georgia Center for Nonprofits establish and propel the Georgia Gives Day initiative throughout the state.