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Jewish Family & Career Services, Inc.

$11,560.00 contributions
74 donors

JF&CS Atlanta is a Community of Caring professionals and volunteers. We offer programs, services and resources to strengthen individuals and families of all faiths, cultures and ages. We provide Your Tools for Living.

Guided by the wisdom and values of our traditions, JF&CS is a nonsectarian, community-based social services agency that prides itself on its professionally delivered services and responsiveness to evolving community needs.

Our commitment is multifold:

- To develop and deliver programs and services in accordance with a tradition and heritage of caring for people

- To treat all people with dignity, respect and sensitivity

- To offer the highest quality of professional services emphasizing confidentiality, integrity and innovation

- To be responsive to the diverse needs of our community

As a dynamic and progressive organization with a "never satisfied" spirit, we look to our visionary leadership, creative management, dedicated and compassionate employees and inspired volunteers in providing inclusive and far-reaching programs. JF&CS is actively engaged in collaborative efforts with other organizations, community groups and synagogues to provide off-site, community-based services

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Updates and Donors' Comments

Paul L11/13/2014 8:49:23 AM

Great organization!

Mindy E11/13/2014 8:18:31 AM

So happy to support one of my favorite agencies-- JF&CS.

Lynn R11/13/2013 11:18:00 PM

Happy to push us over the $4,000 mark!

Robert and Vicky P11/13/2013 1:25:00 PM

You both are loved by so many. Our Love, Mom & Dad