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The 567 Center for Renewal dreams of a vibrant downtown Macon filled with successful businesses and creative professionals, a downtown filled with the arts and enjoyed by people of all ages from all places.

The 567 opened its doors at a newly-renovated, 2-story space on Cherry Street in the heart of downtown Macon in 2010. The center includes an art gallery, classrooms, business incubator, and all-ages music venue. In just 3 years, The 567 has brought over 200 bands, 31 art exhibits, and 10 businesses to downtown with a mostly volunteer staff.

The art gallery exposes the people of Macon to up-and-coming artists both within and outside of Middle Georgia. It also gives Middle Georgia State College and Bibb County Public Schools students a chance to display their work through its annual student exhibits. Weekly art classes and workshops give adults and kids a chance to explore their artistic side. The business incubator helps new businesses get started downtown by offering low-cost space and amenities, as well as providing advice and support to the business owners. The music venue provides young and old with something fun and safe to do downtown, as well as providing a performance space to talented new musicians in Macon. All of these activities support the growing creative community of downtown and bring in visitors to downtown from all over Middle Georgia.

Other projects that The 567 has been a part of in the past few years include Community Supported Art, Groove Speak, and a poetry mentoring program for teens. For Community Supported Art, The 567 partnered with Macon Arts Alliance to connect artists with consumers by assembling and selling a sort of "sample pack" of local art. The 567 also helped the BLACK Poets to put on Groove Speak and offer the poetry mentoring program. Groove Speak was an event that promoted the art of spoken word in our community by featuring both local and nationally-touring artists.

Current goals include increasing the number of businesses being served by the business incubator, expanding the number and variety of classes being offered, and adding a visual art mentoring program for teens.
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Randy D11/13/2013 4:15:00 PM

Helping support growth in Macon by giving to The 567

Hannah M11/13/2013 3:24:00 PM

For all the future good work

Brooks D11/13/2013 12:14:00 PM

The Creative Alternative and GAEA District 5 <3 s The 567 !!!

Mary Lee I11/13/2013 11:13:00 AM

Macon is so blessed to have a venue like the 567 in downtown!