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Founded in 2000, The Museum of Contemporary Art of Georgia (MOCA GA) is the only institution in the state to specifically support Georgia’s contemporary artists and art.  Not only is MOCA GA raising recognition of Georgia as a center for contemporary art and artists, we are building the only museum quality art collection comprised solely of work by Georgia’s contemporary artists. This collection now includes more than 930 pieces representing 250 Georgia artists.

MOCA GA presents exhibitions and educational programming that offer meaningful arts experiences for its artists and the general public alike.  Central to MOCA GA's mission is fostering an active interchange between artists and the community.  Through a broad range of programs, the Museum seeks to make contemporary visual art more accessible by connecting diverse audiences to the local arts community to promote understanding, appreciation, and long-term interest in contemporary art.
The Museum has an ongoing exhibition schedule of historically based exhibits that interpret the state’s art history for the general public.  Exhibitions of note include: Selected Works: State of Georgia Art Collection, Within State Lines, and Georgia Masterpieces.


            (Rocio Rodriguez, James Herbert)                         (Radcliffe Bailey) 

MOCA GA’s Working Artist Project is a program that is having a lasting impact on metropolitan Atlanta’s artists, arts organizations, and the city as a whole in numerous ways. The program serves greater metropolitan Atlanta’s artists through direct financial support, as well as the documentation, presentation, and preservation of their work while also developing a stronger arts community for future generations.
Most importantly, however, this program serves our city as a whole by enabling artists to live, work and thrive here.  The Working Artist Project was developed, in part, in response to the great loss of some of Atlanta’s most talented artists to cities such as New York, Los Angeles, or Chicago.  It is our goal to encourage these artists to remain in our city, establishing Atlanta as one of the best cities for launching a viable career in the arts. As a result, this program will be instrumental in raising the recognition of metropolitan Atlanta as a cultural center that not only supports its own artists, but also draws artists from around the state, region, nation, and globe. MOCA GA has now granted the Working Artist Project award to eighteen artists, representing the best and the brightest that Atlanta has to offer.


                                       (Gregor Turk)                                                     (Martha Whittington)

Additionally, the Museum’s mission to document Georgia’s contemporary artists and art history through the Museum’s Education/Resource Center (E/RC) provides a vital service to the general public.  The Center serves as a unique, centralized source for historical documents and archived materials that tell the story of contemporary art in Georgia, which is one of the state’s richest and most diverse cultural assets. This year, MOCA GA is expanding the E/RC by an additional 7,000 square feet in order to increase public access to the Museum's pemanent collection, historical archives and art library. In many cases, were MOCA GA not preserving the state’s history of contemporary visual art, important developments would be lost forever with each passing year. 
Before MOCA GA, Georgia did not have a single facility that served as a resource for the state’s contemporary visual art, artists and art history. MOCA GA has experienced phenomenal growth in its first eleven years, and we take great pride in our role in establishing an institution that fills a critical void within Georgia’s cultural offerings. 

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You make a wonderful contribution to arts in Georgia!

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MOCA GA is the only institution in the nation dedicated solely to collecting and preserving Georgia contemporary art.