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LaGrange College

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ExploreThe college offers more than 55 academic and pre-professional programs through day and evening classes. Students may pursue career preparation through pre-professional programs for futures in dentistry, engineering, journalism/communications, law, medicine (M.D.), pharmacy, physical therapy, physician assistant, seminary and veterinary medicine. This year the college announced a new major in exercise science and a minor in Asian studies. At the graduate school level, the college offers a Master of Arts degree in Teaching, the Master of Education degree in Curriculum and Instruction, and the Specialist in Education degree.

Aware of the global nature of 21st -century learning and living, the college provides multiple opportunities for students to experience distant cultures and diverse peoples through study-away options, language study, internships and a wide exposure to cultural-enrichment events – all in the context of academic study and action that foster responsible, sustainable stewardship.
Our students have excelled after graduation, going on to become doctors, nurses, lawyers, teachers and engineers. They are Hollywood producers and actors, White House photographers, nationally-known authors and U.S. federal judges.

With 42 percent of LaGrange College students eligible for Pell Grants, it is clear that many on our campus struggle to make the dream of a college education a reality. Twenty percent of our students are full-need, meaning their expected family contribution toward college is zero. Faculty and staff have shared stories of students who have said they are extremely grateful for partial scholarships they receive to offset the cost of their education, for this support has often meant the difference between their staying in school or delaying school because of financial hardship. Others have said that the study-away opportunities made possible through scholarships have dramatically transformed their world view.

We have worked hard to keep our tuition rate increases at record lows while still increasing the amount of financial aid to our students so that we may show them and their families that we are committed to their academic and personal success. With 30 percent of our students being among the first generation in their families to attend college, we believe in partnering with them as they achieve their desire for a college degree.

Ninety-eight percent of our undergraduate and graduate students receive some type of financial aid. Our students’ gross demonstrated financial need stands at more than $18.9 million, and the total aid awarded is a little more than $18.1 million. LaGrange College itself awards more than $8 million of that total.

The college continues its run as a top-10 best college in U.S. News & World Report’s annual evaluation of American colleges and universities. For the ninth consecutive year, the college was listed among the top 10 of the South’s “Best Regional Colleges.”

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Jackson D11/13/2013 11:13:00 PM

Proud to be an LC alum and an LC parent!

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