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Karene C Pace Ovarian Cancer Foundation, Inc.

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 The Karene C. Pace Ovarian Cancer Foundation's mission is to increase awareness of ovarian cancer by educating women and the community about the risks and the symptoms of ovarian cancer for early detection, fundraising for ovarian cancer research and cancer advocacy. 

  • All women are at risk; A pap test does not detect ovarian cancer
  • Symptoms exist – they can be vague, but increase over time
  • Early detection increased survival rate

    The Foundation also provides emotional support and services to those with the illness, their family members and caregivers.  Attorneys are on board and ready to assist with Wills, Power of Attorney, and Estate Planning.

  • The Karene C. Pace Ovarian Cancer Foundation, Inc.  P O Box 366361 Atlanta, Georgia  30336.   Website:   EIN# 80-054-2211; Caontact Email:


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