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Give to Georgia Organics ($25+) Oct. 1- Dec. 31, and we will include a one year subscription to Organic Gardening Magazine*.

An outgrowth of a grower’s association established in the 1970s, Georgia Organics is a member-supported not-for-profit organization devoted to promoting sustainable foods and local farms in Georgia.
A sustainable local food system is critical to the future of Georgia's health, environment, and economy. 
Recognizing this vital need, Georgia Organics builds supply through comprehensive grower education and outreach programs, and catalyzes demand on the consumer and business end by fostering market opportunities for local, organic food.

Learn more about Georgia Organics and membership benefits.

* All donations are welcome, however there is a minimum contribution is $25 for participation in the Organic Gardening Magazine promotion. If for some reason you do not wish to get the magazine, you may receive a rebate for the $6.00 value of the magazine by sending Rodale your membership receipt, name, and address to Organic Gardening Rebate, P.O. Box 26299, Lehigh Valley, PA, 18002

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