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Georgia Appleseed is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, public interest law center with the mission to increase justice in Georgia through law and policy reform. We seek a Georgia where the voices of the poor, the children and the marginalized are heard and where injustices that no one should endure are resolved.
In undertaking our community-based public interest justice projects, Georgia Appleseed utilizes three core competencies: (1) researching an issue; (2) effectively disseminating the findings and recommendations of that research to stakeholders and interested parties; and (3) advocating for change based on the findings and recommendations of our research. Through our core competencies we seek to inform and engage local communities in order to increase justice for our local and state-wide communities.
Despite its small staff, Georgia Appleseed has been able to address serious issues of public concern by enlisting the volunteer services of lawyers and other professionals from around the state. Our projects have inspired hundreds of lawyers and other volunteers to donate thousands of hours of service in objective legal and factual research and analysis, in report preparation, and in policy advocacy. 

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