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Low Graduation Rates Are 
One of The Biggest Problems We Face
In Our Community

In just 2 years, winners of the Colored Rocks Prize have inspired, guided, advised and served as positive role models to more than 4500 middle school students at GA’s needs-to-improve schools AND have successfully improved upwards of 200 students at GA high schools!

Colored Rocks donate their time and talent to a variety of efforts to ensure the success of their younger peers. Find a project you like below that was completed by a Colored Rock and consider making a donation in honor of that accomplishment. Our Colored Rocks Honorees: 

- Teach kids how to wear the clothes they have and how to make themselves presentable for successCampaign against bullyingEncourage younger students to become leadersTeach younger students the importance of helping others and give them hands-on opportunities to do just that Help struggling students prepare for standardized testsMake their fellow students go to classCounsel students with behavior problemsWrite blogs that inspire other studentsHelp students improve their writing skillsTeach students debate tools and develop their communication skillsUse poetry to positively excite their fellow students Help students with their homework during after-school hours Organize and maximize musical talent and opportunities to keep students off the streets. They do the same thing with sports.Motivate students with lessons about how to compete and be successfulMake math fun for studentsInvent games that make tough subjects like economics easy to understandHelp students complete college applications Serve as activists for the rights of undocumented youthDocument the success stories of struggling students and use them as examplesEncourage students caught in the juvenile justice system and teach them how to turn their lives aroundInspire students to find strength through their faith • Hold jam sessions to resolve students’ everyday challengesProvide success tips and words of wisdom to younger students, encouraging them to be classroom all-starsInfluence students to make it across the high school finish line.

If you are weary of the negative media about ethnic male youth, we invite you to support the Colored Rocks Foundation. Help us recognize and celebrate the good these young men do. Encourage them to develop their struggling peers. Together we will increase graduation rates among Georgia’s highest at-risk student group.



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Let's pledge to graduate

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Thank you for making a positive difference in the lives of our youth.