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Way to give, Georgia! Our 2016 campaign raised a record $3.9 million and the giving continues. Click to see our prize winners.


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Champions Medal Foundation

$2,865.00 contributions
40 donors

Our goal as an organization is to help restore hope in the lives of women and youth by providing training and development to assist them with being successful in everey area of life. Additionally, the business development  platform, Building America's Future, is ideal for identifying new entreprenuers with fresh and innovative ideas that can inspire change in our community.

We are partnering with business leaders who are passionate about investing into the lives of new entrepreneurs' who demonstrate passion for our local communities. Our team knows that one of the best resources we could give is knowledge and wisdom. We have created "knowledge banks" where the new nonprofits can garner insight on building a strong nonprofit business. Many of the 'knowledge bank" platforms are through live face to face interaction in a mentoring/coaching environment.

The "Building Champions Education Center" offers several training workshops designed to empower women and youth; building a better community by developing one person at a time.

Training Workshops:
  • Computer Training
  • Leadership
  • Resume/Interview Skills
  • Family Life
  • Health/Wellness and Fitness
  • Financial Literacy and Money Management
  • Business Startup (incubation program)
  • Mentoring/Coaching
*In 2013 our team was trained to counsel women who are victims of sexual trafficking

  • Breaking the Chains of Generational Curses (BCGC)
  • Every Woman Works
  • LM Recovery
  • DOE (Daughters of Eve) Ministries
  • Soroptimist International
  • U4Kids
  • It's Just A Dream
  • My Other Mom (M.O.M)
  • O' Ministries
  • It's Just A Dream


Shaunte T donated $50.00
Francina P donated $25.00
Kristine C donated $25.00
Krystina H donated $25.00
Jenessa M donated $25.00
Shaunte T donated $50.00

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Name the seed you give, more then possible will happen. Pay it Forward


Putting Love in Action!


Name the seed you give, more then possible will happen. Pay it Forward


Expecting Great Growth!