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CaringWorks is a 501(c)3, nonprofit social services agency built on the single idea that every citizen, no matter their social or economic standing, should have the chance to improve their quality of life. We help those who are experiencing homelessness stabilize their lives and move towards greater self-sufficiency, providing the housing and support needed to get them to a better place in life. The provision of affordable housing in conjunction with supportive services is known as supportive housing, and is at the heart of the CaringWorks approach.
CaringWorks provides a broad spectrum of on-site services, including:  
  • Case management
  •  Residential and outpatient substance abuse treatment
  • Individual and group counseling
  • Job readiness supports
  • Access to life skills training in areas such as household budgeting, nutrition and health
  • Emergency rental and food assistance
  • Civic and community engagement
  • Peer Support
Supportive housing is a very cost-effective strategy for alleviating homelessness and the attendant issues of substance abuse, mental illness, and criminality. According to a study commissioned by The Corporation for Supportive Housing, the daily cost per client in Atlanta is $33. By comparison, the daily cost to hold someone in jail is $53; in a mental health institution, $335; and in a hospital, $1637[1].
2011 Client Outcomes
In 2011, CaringWorks served 625 unduplicated clients with a full range of supportive services, 405 in permanent housing and 187 in transitional housing (which entails a higher intensity of services for those newly in recovery.) CaringWorks is proud to report the following success rates for 2011:
  • 70% of clients in permanent housing maintained housing with CaringWorks for 12 months or longer
  • 13% achieved full self-sufficiency, graduating from our programs to independent housing
  • Combining these figures, 83% (336 persons) achieved housing stability in 2011, while another 7% (28) newly entered our programs and began the journey to stability
  • 85% of randomized drug screenings came back negative, meaning our clients with addiction history are making great strides in maintaining sobriety
As one of Atlanta’s leading providers of supportive housing services, CaringWorks serves more than 300 households on any given day. Through its broader community engagement, the agency touches over 1,200 households annually. Our vision is that the individuals and families we help will experience increased capacity for personal and economic self-sufficiency, and stronger links to family and community, becoming productive and contributing members of society. Since 2002, countless households have benefitted from our pledge of housing, help and hope.

[1] “Cost of Serving Homeless Individuals in Nine Cities.” The Lewin Group, 2004.

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