Matthew Anderson's Fund for Beating the Demons

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 Drug abuse awareness
for young adults...they need to learn they are not invincible

On a warm July morning a promising young man was found slumped over a steering wheel…
On a cool November eve a beautiful young girl was found dead on her bedroom floor….
Stories like these are unfolding every day as high school and college age youth are turning to drugs and alcohol to self medicate, escape or just for “fun”.  Help us slay the demon of addiction…it’s a demon of death!
Drug use in our high schools and on our college campuses is rampant. Young people everywhere think that experimenting with a pill or pot is no big deal.  A few drinks won't hurt.
The approach that a pill or a few drinks is not a big deal can turn out to be very dangerous.  None of us knows what our tolerance to drugs or alcohol will be until we try it...that may be too late.
Experimentation seems "cool" when in a crowd of peers, but experimenting can and does lead to addiction. It can happen to anyone. It can happen to you!
We desire to assist you in educating your group about the dangers of drugs.
We would love to come and tell "Matthew's Story".
Emotional Support
When you realize that your loved one has been captured by the demons of substance abuse you feel a myriad of emotions; fear, anger, disappointment, and even shame.  So does the addict.
We want to help you deal with your emotions and prepare you to stand firm. We desire to assist you in understanding the addict and assisting the person in seeking treatment.
We have caring trained staff that want to talk with you and help point you toward resources and services available in your area.
Financial Support
We desire to work with young adults aged 16-25 that are enrolled in twelve-step rehabilitation program for drug or alcohol addiction. We DO NOT offer drug rehabilitation, rather we support individuals as they go through a rehab program of their choice.
Applicants must meet a set of criteria, complete the application and interview process and permit our case worker to keep in touch with their progress.
We assist with co-pays, deductibles and other out-of-pocket expenses paid directly to the program on behalf of an approved scholarship applicant. The program must be in Georgia and be either JAHCO or GARR certified.
Our Mission
We exist to serve the public by providing the necessary funds to assist individuals with addiction to a substance; drugs and/or alcohol, between the ages of sixteen (16) and twenty-five (25) years old and in need of financial assistance to complete a comprehensive rehabilitation program. We desire to partner with established, successful rehabilitation programs. We de-sire to empower the re-covering addict to beat the demons and live drug free. We exist to educate the public to prevent ad-diction, improve awareness about the dangers of ad-diction, educate regarding the signs of substance abuse, including the symptoms of relapse. We exist to provide the families and friends of individuals with addiction education, support and comfort during the process of recovery. 

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