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Atlanta Neighborhood Development Partnership (ANDP) is at the forefront of addressing the foreclosure crisis in Atlanta.
Our mission:  ANDP's mission is to create mixed income communities that connect lower income residents to opportunities.
Veteran Dominique and her two boys enjoy their new home.Our history:  Over the past 22 years, ANDP has developed, financed or otherwise supported more than 8,000 units of affordable and mixed income housing throughout the metropolitan Atlanta region. In 2008, ANDP's Board of Directors voted to retool our affordable and mixed income housing work to concentrate on Metro Atlanta's foreclosure crisis, which resulted in the formation of ANDP’s Foreclosure Redevelopment Program. 
A critical piece of ANDP's foreclosure response was to acquire, rehab and repopulate vacant, foreclosed homes on a large scale.  While the foreclosure crisis created an oversupply of vacant properties, these homes are often conveniently located near highways, schools and job hubs and can be a source of quality affordable housing when redeveloped.  ANDP has rehabbed and reoccupied over 230 foreclosed homes, with a total of 352 homes in the pipeline.  ANDP has become one of the nation's largest nonprofit redevelopers of foreclosed homes. Our work has provided quality, energy efficient, affordable housing to 230 families while also removing vacancies and lifting neighborhood values.
In addition to the physical redevelopment of homes and communities, ANDP has led on policy issues related to the foreclosure crisis.  ANDP pulled together the Atlanta Regional Commission, CredAbility, Enterprise Community Partners, the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, the Greater Atlanta Home Builders Association, The Home Depot Foundation, the National Housing Conference and NeighborWorks America to create what is now a 150-partner regional foreclosure response initiative. The Piece by Piece Foreclosure Response Initiative has garnered national attention for its successful outcomes, including a recently Neighborhood Investment Conference that engaged local stakeholders and the top private equity investors in metro Atlanta. Among its members are governmental, nonprofit and private-sector partners.
Despite this progress, many metro Atlanta families and neighborhoods continue to struggle with underwater mortgages and looming foreclosures.  Metro Atlanta continues to rank #1 in the nation with the highest number of foreclosures within a 12-month period.  ANDP will continue its commitment to preserving affordable housing opportunities for families through our One Home Makes A Difference initiative.  As we enter Year 2 of our One Home effort, we ask that you join us in helping metro Atlanta families secure quality affordable housing.  Thank you for your support!

ANDP is a private, non-profit organization created in 1991 to promote, create and preserve affordable housing through direct development, lending, policy research and advocacy that result in the equitable distribution of affordable housing throughout the metropolitan Atlanta region. ANDP is a chartered member of NeighborWorks®, a nationwide network of more than 240 trained and certified community development organizations at work in nearly 4,000 communities across America. Working in partnership with others, NeighborWorks® organizations are leaders in revitalizing communities and creating affordable housing opportunities for low-and moderate-income families. 
Learn more about ANDP at www.andpi.org and www.andphomes.org.
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