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The Ric Crawford Clinic improves the quality of life for medically underserved individuals and families through our commitment to provide compassionate health care, advocacy and promoting healthy choices.


AID Gwinnett/RicCrawford Clinic, a not for profit organization, was founded in 1990 in Gwinnett County by a grass roots group of concerned parents and volunteers dealing with family members and friends infected with HIV/AIDS. The clinic currently has a 24 member staff, 200 active volunteers, a 9 member Board of Directors and a 2.8 million dollar budget to provide supportive services and HIV prevention education. 
To date, AID Gwinnett/Ric Crawford Clinic has assisted over 2,300 patients and their families in addition to reaching  over 10,00,00 in our HIV/AIDS prevention and testing programs.


As of September, in 2014, our dedicated staff has:

*Had over 3,000 medical case management contacts with patients for services ranging
from intakes to medication adherence.
*Provided over $11,600 in grocery vouchers for patients in need while promoting healthy eating choices.
*Provided almost 600 trips through our  transportation program,
to ensure patients arrive for their care on time.
*Delivered over 3,000 meals to patients needing nutritional support.
*Provided over 1,800 clinic visits including acute sick care, regular check-ups and comprehensive exams
*Provided over 130 specialty care referrals.
*Held over 70 mental health counseling sessions and over 65 nutritional counseling sessions.
*Provided over $81,000 in housing support.
*Tested over 1,000 individuals in our community.
*Held over 1,700 trainings and 250 presentations on HIV/STD education.
*Distributed over 60,000 condoms to keep sex in our community safe.

Our spectacular volunteers have served over 1,700 hours in the first three-quarters of 2014!
Volunteers continue to make the difference in fighting this deadly disease in our community. 

Every year, our clinic serves more than 800 individuals living with and affected by HIV/AIDS in our community. With your support, we can continue to provide our patients with the highest quality of service and educate our community about HIV. 

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