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Ser Familia, Inc.

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From Humble Beginnings...

Founded in 2001, Ser Familia has served more than 27,800 Latinos. Our programs include: Couples retreats Youth workshops, Parenting classes, Family workshops, Mental Health Counseling services , Domestic violence victims services and Cultural and Linguistic proficiency training.

To Hundreds of Volunteers...

We are a volunteer-driven organization. From our board members to our community representatives, all of our support comes from our amazing volunteers. These volunteers also help us execute each and every project with love and care. Some of our past clients are trained to deliver programs, serve as mentors and support group facilitators, organize events, train others, cook meals and much more. This devoted group donates more than 15,000 a year to us.

Getting Incredible Results...

Aggressive outcome tracking shows that our lay-to-lay person’s guide using curriculum prepared by mental health professionals model works great in the Latino community.

  • 96% of couples that participate feel more committed to their relationship

  • 82% feel that their communication has remarkably improved thanks to their skills that they have learned

  • 83% of parents that complete the program report improved skills for managing anger and frustration when dealing with conflicts with their kids.

  • 81% of teens report the ability to better resist peer pressure to use drugs or alcohol
  • 78% of teens report a better relationship with their parents
  • 65% of teens show positive leadership qualities by volunteering in a school, community or church group
  • 95% of participating teens are not be involved in a gang
  • 78% of kids report improved skills for managing anger and frustration
  • 92% of kids that complete the program are enrolled and attending school.

Michelangelo H donated $40.00
Linette U donated $25.00
Michelangelo H donated $40.00
Linette U donated $25.00
Michelangelo H donated $40.00
Linette U donated $25.00

Updates and Donors' Comments


God worked in our marriage through Ser Familia many years ago. Many generations will benefit from it. May God continue blessing this wonderf


Thank you for doing all you do!


To a organization that has given so much to us and many others! with lots of love, Juan & Ana


Thank you to Ser Familia, for the wonderful job you do to help the Latino Community.!!!