A dedication was made to: The Stepping Stones Workgroup by gail s
Message: Thank you for all that you do for the women and children in Ware County!  More...

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  • Alexa Adamo Valverde says:

    Please acknowledge this gift as from Alexa Adamo-Valverde & Michael Valverde

  • Lawrence Leach Jr says:

    I love all children and I am willing give when ever I can

  • Shonda Fulton says:

    3D Girls Rocks!!!!

  • Jackson Houk says:

    May the Lord continue bless this fine group of men and women.

  • Kristin Leydig Bryant says:

    GRC does incredible things for the confidence level of girls. The program is extremely valuable in helping girls at this important age find

  • Kathryn Moore says:

    God blesses ALL His children!

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