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A dedication was made to: My homeless friends by Marcia L
Message: I'm happy to give to help our friends!  More...

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  • Marcia Lewis says:

    Give Homeless Hope is a great organization that helps the poor!

  • Debra Griffith says:

    GREAT organization! All volunteers, lots of family-friendly monthly events (community bike rides, community walks, socials). Wishing you muc

  • Jocelyn Cox says:

    Thank you, Denise Blake, for all you do.

  • Virginia Cottingham says:

    Thanks to all of you for your dedication and special thanks to Jim and Elizabeth Cottingham.

  • Barbara Williams says:

    Oops! Almost forgot.

  • Adriane Keepler says:

    In honor of the tireless efforts and dedication of the Program Director Denise Blake (my Spelman sorority linesister)...with love. Keep

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